Yoga Can Help Ease Bipolar Moods

People who have been treated for depression or bipolar disorder are usually on heavy duty medications. They may also use the services of a counselor to help them with their mood swings. While counseling is an important part of depression treatment, there is evidence that yoga can help ease bipolar moods as well. This is great news for people suffering from this illness that do not like the effects of the medicine they are currently taking.

While some people scoff at using yoga to help with depression, there are a growing number of studies that support that this is a safe and effective method that can be used for depressed patients. It is not advisable that someone undergoing bipolar treatment should stop taking their medications. However, an affected person who is interested in trying a more natural approach may want to consider trying yoga.

Most people, whether depressed or not, have experienced situations where a few deep, calm breaths helped them steady their mind and release tension. This is the basic premise of yoga. Yoga is simply one way to relieve tension and anxiety.

Sadly, many patients undergoing bipolar or depression treatments end up on so many different medications that they start to counteract each other. Even someone who is currently being treated for these disorders may still feel depressed. Yoga is a great, natural way to relieve some of those depressed and anxious feelings.

There are many ways to learn yoga. There are plenty of yoga classes available around the country. There are also many great books and online resources for those people who don’t want to practice their poses in front of strangers.

Bipolar can be hard to treat because the patient experiences extreme mood changes. They can be super happy, cheerful, and energetic one minute, and depressed, anxious and lethargic the next. Because of these mood changes, one type of medication is not usually sufficient to help these patients.

Even the Mayo clinic’s website states that yoga can help ease bipolar moods. Yoga is not just simply stretching and exercising. It is the practice of trying to create a balance of mind, body, and spirit. Yoga also teaches certain breathing exercises to help the body relax and the mind clear. If you or someone you know suffers from depression or bipolar, try learning some yoga practices to help. It certainly won’t hurt, and there is a high chance it will help.

Most treatment centers for bipolar disorder include outside activities in their therapy regimen. Only some residential treatment centers offer extensive yoga training. One such treamtent center is Bridges in Los Angeles, CA -